Ferne Animal Sanctuary

In 2016 we were commissioned by Ferne Animal Sanctuary to develop a three dimensional wall to fit into the entrance area of Ferne’s new Visitor Centre.

Our brief was to represent many of the animals that can be found at the sanctuary and to create a story around the installation.

In our design, we put forward the idea of a curved wall with the elements of a traditional farmyard together with its animals on one side of the wall and then moving to the other side of the wall around a big oak tree, we depicted an evening scene with associated animals as you moved out more into the fields and woods.

Within these scenes, we created mini scenes with little details which the viewer would only really capture when they looked at things more closely.

The set around which the carved wooden animals were placed was painted and dressed and furnished by us Some of the bigger animals we made to 2/3 scale in order to fit everything in and also to make the animals more approachable by young children.

Our aim was for the farmyard to feel as natural as possible and to this end we installed an oak tree trunk and branches at one end of the installation, thus providing a natural transition from the farmyard to the countryside.

We were delighted with the results and the installation has proved to be very popular.

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