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Chestnut Mushroom Seating

Chestnut Mushroom Seating

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Carved out of a single piece of durable wood, this is our newest range of wooden mushrooms, and has come about as a result of photographers wanting something which is photographically very appealing and which acts a wonderful prop for their clients.

These wooden mushrooms are inspired by the mushroom Boletus edulis commonly known as the Cep or penny bun. The mushrooms are painted and then treated with a child friendly lacquer to give them a lovely matt finish. 

  • Small: Height 12" (30cm)  Width 12" (30cm)
  • Medium: Height 16.5" (42cm) Width 15" (38cm)
  • Large: Height 18" (46cm)  Width 18" (48cm)

Please note – dimensions given are approximate. Our mushroom seats are natural products which are individually carved and therefore may differ slightly from the images shown