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Children's School Playground/Garden Oak Story Telling Bench

Children's School Playground/Garden Oak Story Telling Bench

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These well constructed naturally curved benches are made from English Oak and have been specially selected to give greater intimacy and individuality to any story telling area or garden. 

Put together in a circle, these oak benches really help to make a space unique. 

The legs are made extra long so that they can be bedded into the ground to the height that you require.

  • Length 7 ft - 8 ft (213 - 244cm)

We offer a bulk discount when you order more than one bench. If ordering 3+ benches, please select the the quantity you would like to order above.

Engraved words or phrases can also be carved onto the bench to commemorate that special occasion, or just to personalise a bench.  One school personalised their benches by getting us to engrave phrases that the children had come up with, such as "Once upon a time" and "Silently, she tiptoed away".

If you would like wording carved on your bench, please email us the details and we shall be happy to provide you with a quote.

"Hi Ben. Benches arrived safe and sound! They look amazing – we are having a reading month during May so the Head is so please they arrived in time." Janet B
"I am just writing to let you know I have received the bench and am extremely pleased with the result. The school are very happy with it. Thank you for all your effort and time in getting it achieved for this date. " Kelly T