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Wooden Pointy Mushrooms Ornamental Garden Feature

Wooden Pointy Mushrooms Ornamental Garden Feature

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These delightful mushroom sculptures are based loosely on the shape of the elusive morel mushroom, found naturally amongst the herbs and grasses of the forest floor, but we just like to call them ‘pointy mushrooms’.

Arranged singularly or in groups of 3, 5 or more, these hand finished pieces would form an attractive addition to any garden, woodland or play area setting.

Why not think about adding some design details such as our bugs or dwellings designs just for fun? Please contact us if you are interested in this to discuss your exact requirements.

  • Small:      Height 15" (38cm)  Width 9 - 10" (23 - 26cm)
  • Medium:  Height 20" (51cm)  Width 10 - 11" (26 - 28cm)
  • Large:      Height 25" (63cm)  Width 11 - 12" (28 - 30cm)